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Directions to Major Hospital Departments

Saint Francis Campus Map 

Campus Map Update 10_19_13 

Click here to view and print 

Instructions: To view directions, select and click on a department by scrolling down the page, or by selecting the first letter of the department's name. 

A - C  D - K  L - O  P - Z 

A - C 

Administration, 2-5 

Admitting, 2-9 

Aetna Children's Center, Suite 1020 - 1000 Asylum Avenue, 1st Floor 

Ambulatory Surgery, 3-9 

Asthma Center (Pulmonary Medicine), 1-9 

Audiology, 2-9 

Autologous (Day Health), 2-2 

Burgdorf/Fleet Health Center 

Saint Francis/Mt. Sinai Cancer Center 

CAT Scan Unit - Mount Sinai Campus 

Center for Health Enhancement 

Center for Women's Health - Asylum Ave at Woodland St 

Chapel, 2-3 

Chawla Auditorium, 1-9 

Comprehensive Women's Health Center - Woodland St at Collins St 

Congestive Heart Failure Program, 3-2 

Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute (CJRI), 4-7 

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D - K 

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Dental Department, 3rd Floor - 1000 Asylum Avenue 

Diabetes Care, 1-5 

Dillon Conference Room, 2-5 

Emergency Department 2-7 

Endoscopy (Day Hospital), 2-9 

Fetal Diagnostics (Pre-Natal care), 4-9 - OB/Ultrasound 

Health Learning Center - Garage, 2nd Floor 

Hoffman Heart Institute, 2-9 

Human Resources (Personnel), 1-4 

Infectious Disease Department. 3-4 

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L - O 

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Labor & Delivery, 4-9 

Main Auditorium, 2nd Floor - Mount Sinai Campus 

Maternity, 4-1 

MRI - Mount Sinai Campus 

MRI, 1-1 

Neurophisiology, 2-9 

Occupational Health - Suite 4302 - 1000 Asylum 

O/R Main Surgery 3-1 

Outpatient Clinics, 1st Floor - 1000 Asylum Avenue 

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P - Z 

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Pain Clinic, 3rd floor, 3-1A 

Pulmonary Medicine, 1-9 

Purchasing - Saint Francis Main Campus 

Radiology (X-ray), 2-1 

Research & Education Building 

Rehabilitation Hospital of Connecticut 

Rehab Medicine, 2-9 

Rehab Medicine, 3rd Floor - 95 Woodland Street 

Seery Board Room, 1-1 

Sleep Lab, 6-1A 

SurgiCare - 3rd Floor Main Lobby- Mount Sinai Campus 

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